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Vault Room



JinzhengSafe Prefabricated modular vaults  provide the ultimate in security and flexibility and cost effective solution for valuable storage. Modular Vault Panels are constructed using Ultra High-Strength Concrete and Steel , it’s flexible and easier to install than poured on-site concrete walls.  Modular vaults are more cost effective than poured in place , Plus, as your vault needs change,Jinzheng modular panels allow you the flexibility to expand your vault by adding more panels, or if moving, panels can be relocated to a different site.

Jinzheng modular vaults provide an attractive alternative solution that can help lower your capital expense, shorten construction  time , removable and utilize limited space !

Benefits Vault Room /Safe Room /Modular Vault


  • 30000 Psi Composite material

  • Diamond drill and break-in resistance

  • Light weight

  • Rust resistance

  • Temperature & Humidity Stability

  • Pillar-ness structure maximize the vault inside floor spacing

  • Full range UL Listed in UL 608 standard

  • Suitable for any construction site

  • short on-site installation time, minimize disruption

  • Modular for relocation: less capital expenditure /longer depreciation

  • Tailor-made size to fully utilities location floor spacing

  • Suitable to be used as vaults to store high-security classified information, weapons, safe deposit lockers, cash, gold and etc

Added Features:

  • Vault Ventilating Port

  • AirGuard

Vault drawing
safe room ,vault room , modular vault , vault panels
safe room ,vault room , modular vault , vault panels
safe room ,vault room , modular vault , vault panels
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