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                                                                   What is a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is a secure container, usually made of metal, that’s used to store valuables at a bank or credit union. These boxes are often kept in vaults and can be rented by bank customers for a fee.Some private vault facilities offer safe deposit boxes as well.

                                                               What should go in a safe deposit box​?

Antiques, documents and anything that’s difficult or impossible to replace that isn’t needed on demand could be worth putting in a safe deposit box.

Good things to put in a safe deposit box include:

  • Personal papers

  • Stamp or coin collections

  • Jewelry or rare collectibles

  • Important contracts and business papers

                                                                       Why use a safe deposit box?

Safe deposit boxes can provide added safety beyond what you may have available at home. Some users know first-hand that keeping items in a safe deposit box can be more secure than storing them in your home.

Choose the style you are interested in

Bank Safe Deposit Box

Classics, Safe, High quality

錨點 1

Safe Deposit Box in Golden Color

Fashin design ,High quality,High safty

Safe Deposit Box External Hinge

T series, Personalized , High security

Safe Deposit Locker Copper Hinge

Luxury, Safty,High Quality
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