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                                                                   What is a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is a secure container, usually made of metal, that’s used to store valuables at a bank or credit union. These boxes are often kept in vaults and can be rented by bank customers for a fee.Some private vault facilities offer safe deposit boxes as well.

                                                               What should go in a safe deposit box​?

Antiques, documents and anything that’s difficult or impossible to replace that isn’t needed on demand could be worth putting in a safe deposit box.

Good things to put in a safe deposit box include:

  • Personal papers

  • Stamp or coin collections

  • Jewelry or rare collectibles

  • Important contracts and business papers

                                                                       Why use a safe deposit box?

Safe deposit boxes can provide added safety beyond what you may have available at home. Some users know first-hand that keeping items in a safe deposit box can be more secure than storing them in your home. Hunan Jinzheng is the manufacturer who focus on the production of safe deposit lockers,Provide dozens of specifications of the box, at the same time in order to meet the needs of customer,provide professional customized services

Choose the style you are interested in

Bank Safe Deposit Box

Classics, Safe, High quality

錨點 1

Safe Deposit Box in Golden Color

Fashin design ,High quality,High safty

Safe Deposit Box External Hinge

T series, Personalized , High security

Safe Deposit Locker Copper Hinge

Luxury, Safty,High Quality
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