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Q: Do you have a factory of your own?
A: Yes, we are the factory

Q: How can I understand the strength of your factory?
A: Click here(About us), you can learn about us through videos and 360° panoramic maps, or you can come to the factory for field trips.Our factory is the first and only one who passed UL 608 certificate in mainland China .

Q: What products can you produce?
A: Security products: Vault door, Safe deposit box, Vault room, Safes, Gun safe.

Q: Can you order products?
A: Yes, we can order different materials, sizes, and appearances according to your requirements or drawings.

Q: What is the delivery time of your product?
A:10-30 days, except for special requirements and quantities.

Q: How is the quality of your products?
A: Our products have passed strict quality inspection, and the factory has ISO9001, SGS audit report, etc.Vault panel , Vault door has passed UL 608 certificate . 

Q: Can you OEM or ODM ?
A: Yes, welcome the OEM/ODM order , If you have design drawing or any design ideas , just let us know , we can make as your needs . 

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for your product?
A:1 unit

Q: Can you provide samples?
A: Yes

Q: Are the products you produce that I need?
A: In different countries and regions, there are different naming methods for products. Our main products have the following different names:
1,safe deposit box: safe deposit lockers, bank safe deposit box 
2,vault door: strongroom door, vault room door, bank vault,strong door 
3,vault room: strongrooms ,  modular vault,  modular panels, safe deposit vaults

Q:How to contact us ?
A: Email 
    Mobile :+8613808409999

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