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                                                                                 Your Residential & Home Safes Manufacturer

Made to any desired size, Jingzhengsafe residential safes can be installed in any part of a residence, whether placed on walls, shelves, or corners. Constructed with high strength steel and sophisticated lock systems, our safes withstand fires, power tools and other burglary attacks.

We can customize locks that recognize fingerprints, eyes and faces for greater security and add accessories that make your safes stand out.

Many sizes for your choosing , and customize any size as your needs .

                                                                                         Highly Advanced Commercial &Hotel Safes

Providing commercial spaces with better peace of mind, choose our line of commercial&hotel safes designed to protect files and guest's valuables and are resistant to drilling and other attacks. Designed like a drawer or in compact sizes, we have a variety of options that suit any business ,office or hotel, from diverse lock codes and technology to added flame and water resistance.

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