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Intelligent Vault-Type 3 and Tpye 4

Vault structure

The vault is a Hexahedral fully enclosed structure. The walls , ceilling and floor of the vault are made of high quality steel plate +concrete filling layer(the wall is covered with double-layers two-way steel bar mashes of a diameter of 12mm or more , The center spacing of the steel bars is less than or equal to 150mm)+high-quality steel plate. The type 3 vault is cast-in-place as a whole . The type 4 is an assembled structure, Bith wall thickness are 240mm .

Management software

It can be divided into two modes:"online approval" and "preset task",which can be adjusted and set according to user needs . 

Alarm functions : includeing multiple alarm for movements,smoke,flooding,temperature and humidity,voltage,overtime opening,abnormal door opening,disconnection,power failure,moving,duress,equipment failure,etc.

System configuration (controller) : C/S : client+server mode,with complete functions and high controllability.

The system platform can be customized according to customer requirements . 

Protection level

The vault door meet the level A or above the standard of GB 37481-2019 

The lock configuration meet GB37481-2019, GA/T 73-2015 ,GA374-2019

The protective door in the isolation area meet the level B or above stanard in GB17565-2007C

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