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Hunan Jinzheng/Xzhengsafes

Founded since 2001, Hunan Jinzheng Technology Co., Ltd. locates in Miluo City, Hunan Province, the traditional place of production for security equipment. Covering a plant area of nearly 100,000 square meters and a registered capital of 120 million RMB,we are one of the largest domestic security product manufacturers in Mainland China. Our products cover a series of security equipment such as "Xzhengsafes" brand vault doors, safe deposit boxes, cultural relics vault doors, banking vaults,safety doors, ventilation windows, etc.Holding the advantages of standing in the Miluo's traditional security industry zone, basing on the business philosophy of "Excellent craftsmanship, Excellent quality",

factory of safe deposit box , vault door , vault room in China

Jinzheng adopts the core technology of authoritative scientific research institutes to create the first domestic security product technology research and development center. We have obtained national invention patents, utility model ones, and those for appearance.There are more than 30 patents and over 10 software copyrights. Moreover, we are equipped with world-class (Germany TRUMPF) laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, (Japan Amada) CNC bending machine and (Switzerland Gaotingshi) automatic spraying equipment. Our annual production capacity is over 1,200 vault doors, 100,000 safe deposit boxes, 1,000 sets of banking vaults, leading the annual production value to be over 100 million yuan.

Jinzheng has successively gained the ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T45001, GB/T27922, GB/T27925 and national high-tech enterprise certifications, etc.; the national standard "GB 37481-2019 Vault Door General Technical Requirements" drafted by Jinzheng was officially released and implemented in May 2020.In 2018, Jinzheng successfully passed the UL608 FULL classes certifications for the vault door,vault room and ventilation, becoming the first domestic vault door manufacturer who pass in Mainland China.

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